Post office 00/00/00 
It was established on the 05/01/2017 as something to hold on to in the dark days of grief. Grief is an upside-down stamp on a sealed envelope. The post office wants to help people to come to terms with their loss, by writing beyond death. Handwritten letters to the dead. Because love doesn’t die. 00/00/00, because death doesn’t keep time. When someone dies, their loved ones reset the clocks; there is life before and life after.
Grief can stick to all the walls of a house. The post office files your handwritten letters to the dead. We publish a quote from every letter on our website, anonymously. At some point we want to issue a compilation of these quotes. Saar De Buysere (visual artist) - Sassafras De Bruyn - (illustrator and designer) - Heike Sofia Villavicencio Rammeloo (visual artist)- Penelope Deltour (illustrator) - Charlotte Peys (visual artist) give their visual re-interpretation of what is written in the letter.
Postal adress:

Postkantoor 00/00/00
Brief voor nu
Postbus 40 / B-9000 GENT-CENTRUM