June 2021 brought with her a very special book. One that makes my heart overflow again and again, one to cherish. A small book with a big content. A warm collaboration with Uus Knops who enriched my view of saying goodbye with so much mild warmth and beauty.
´There is little we all share unless we are born and… die. The grief that relatives feel at a death connects us with each other. Psychotherapist and psychiatrist Uus Knops explores new possibilities to experience our grief and about how we can live, also with grief. In Op Afstand Nabij she investigates what we can mean for each other when a loved one passes away, away from the beaten track. She pays attention to the deceased, the mourners and those who want to be close to the mourners from a distance. Op Afstand Nabij became a poetic, meaningful and warm gem, to reflect on an intrinsic part of life.