'Read the lines in my hand'
An anthology with 30 poems selected by Het Lezerscollectief. And together with them: people with psychological vulnerability. Not therapeutic poems, but texts that 'matter' and therefore can be so healing, or can help to find words for the unspeakable, or difficult to discuss.
Poetry with a strengthening effect on the reader.
Words that invite conversation, shared recognition, and comfort too.

Leen Larminier, Regien Vandeburie, Patrick Van Dievoet and Caroline Van Holme, among them therapists and an experience expert, are all experienced reading supervisors. Together with Dirk Terryn (Het Lezerscollectief) and Sieglinde Vanhaezebrouck (Poetry Center) they collected gems from Dutch-language poetry. Poems that are 'food for the soul': in the reading groups, participants indicated that these texts made a difference.