Cécile, Ish Ait Hamou's most read book,
with a little extra : )
Kareem took one last look at his brother and just before he was dragged from under the car, he murmured, "Tell her I tried."
In 2015, Ish Ait Hamou wrote the novel Cécile. 40,000 copies sold later, there will be a unique reissue. The story of Djibril, whose life takes an unexpected turn at the age of eleven due to his curiosity and childlike enthusiasm, is further explored with beautiful illustrations by Penelope Deltour. "There is not a reader of Cécile I meet who does not mention Djibril and how he would be. I may have hoped, but never expected, that a few years later we would have the opportunity to celebrate the success of the story with a special edition. There is still so much to tell about the beloved characters. New readers will discover the story, existing readers will learn a lot more about the characters.

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